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UniApp is a white label solution for higher education establishments to provide for their students. With integrated email, timetable, useful links, maps, and more, it provides a fantastic digital platform with access to data and increasing student engagement.
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Features and information for universities looking to expand their digital mobile offering

Whilst delivering a hugely useful app for students on campus, institutions stand to benefit from access to an advanced data set, and understand how students engage with student life better.

Student experience

Students get access to a great mobile app, allowing them to get notifications of upcoming lectures and new emails whilst on the go. No complex set up process - they just download the app.

Increased student retention

Through both increased engagement and access to more advanced analytics on student engagement, it is possible to help students get the most out of university life.

Digital, app-based attendance

Attendance system based on the user's university timetable. This can be used to save time and paper forms, and adds to analytics.

Mobile app platform

UniApp provides a digital platform in users' pockets, allowing instant and easy access to university services and discovering new opportunities.

Real-time feedback

UniApp has a module available for real-time lecture or event feedback. Students can rate their lecture quickly and easily from their mobile.

Custom solution for maximum utility

We build UniApp tailored to your institution. This means using your branding, colours, maps and resource links to provide the best possible student experience, all in a custom app for your university. This high level of customisation ensures relevant and engaging content for students. With thousands of students logging in every day, the university’s strong brand and reputation can be promoted through a high-class digital mobile platform.

Saving Time and Money

Our product is cheaper than a custom-developed system, and will be more personalised, relevant and engaging than competitors’ products.


Students save hours every day, being able to check and respond to email on the go, and not having to access a desktop PC to check their university services.


Lecturers save huge amounts of time through using our data-driven systems to monitor attendance and feedback.


Improved student experience

With easier access to university resources, students are more engaged and can check on their most important services (such as email and timetable) frequently, whilst receiving notifications to upcoming events and new emails. Other services such as online learning environments and the library are also much more accessible through UniApp. This increased engagement leads to greater student success.

Advanced, data-driven modelling

Advanced data generated by UniApp helps institutions understand how students are engaging with student life. This data can be used for student success programs, ensuring the best possible outcomes for students and their education. Institutions get access to this data and processes for understanding it.


Promotion for events, payments, and further study etc.

With thousands of students logging in every day, the platform can be used to promote university services and offerings. For example, the university can make sure their help and support systems are at the students’ fingertips, or promote the wide range of courses available to students, encouraging further study.

For demos, more information, data examples and pricing, please contact us