UniApp | Students
UniApp is a student mobile utility app incorporating email, timetable, maps and useful links for iOS and Android. It provides all the digital services students need on campus, on mobile.
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Information about what UniApp can do for students

UniApp is a student app built by students, with the most important and most relevant features easily accessible – the things students want. This makes for the most useful student app (probably).

Integrated Email Access

Students get integrated, one sign-in access to their university emails. Students get notified of new messages, and can read and send emails, even when offline.

Integrated Timetable

Built-in timetable allows students to see upcoming lectures, and get notified 30 minutes before their next calendar event. Works offline.

Links to university features

All university links provided, e.g. Blackboard, Library, payments. These are convenient web links all in one place.

Built-in maps

With digital and offline maps, students can find their way around campus. Students can find out where they are on campus.


Email, timetable, links, maps, notifications

UniApp provides integrated email, timetable, maps and useful links all in one app. Set-up involves simply signing into the app. You receive notifications of new emails, notifications of upcoming lectures and easy links to all of your university services (e.g. Blackboard/Moodle, library, staff search, Union media and more). Also included are maps and feeds to university and union Twitter feeds.

Offline functionality

With notifications and offline-viewing of emails, UniApp provides a much better way of accessing university messages. All you have to do is sign into the app, no more hassle with complicated server settings processes.


UniApp’s offline timetable also provides a great way to check what you have coming up, and where you should be. Notifications of events ensures you never forget a lecture again.


Custom for your university

Each UniApp is built custom for individual universities, making a truly personalised student app. No more complex setup processes on mobile – students download the app, and get access to everything they need instantly.

Interactive maps allow you to find out where you are on campus, and find your way around. Offline university maps then provide detailed campus navigation.